Dussehra is the end of Durga Puja. Some people call it the end of Navratri or Ramlila. Besides, we all know Dussehra celebrates the victory of good over evil. Little do we know the numerous interpretations revolving around the celebration. Come to celebrate Dussehra at our art school for kids. Besides, take back art, memories and hand-made crafts.
India is diverse by nature and so are the communities. We flood into uncountable communities. Also, you can imagine the varieties of celebrations in India. Let us begin with our Stunning South India.



What is Bathukamma festival?

BATHUKAMMA FESTIVAL is a floral festival in Telangana. The womenfolk celebrates this occasion with freedom and positivity. The festival continues to brighten up the air for nine days. Besides, it starts with Mahalaya Amavasya and ends on Durgashtami.

How do we celebrate?

Preparing Bathukamma is a folk art. Bathukamma is a beautiful flower stack with the arrangement of different colored flowers. Also, it means ‘Mother Goddess Come Alive’ in Telugu. Women gather wildflowers that are both medicinal and vibrant. Besides, they arrange these flowers in the shape of a cone.

The womenfolk dress colorfully and form a circle around the Bathukamma. The entire streets resonate with folk songs and sounds of claps. The women perform the rituals empty stomach. Also, they make Boddemma (Goddess Gowri) along with Bathukamma and immerse it in the pond.

It is only after the immersion that they share the turmeric kumkum and sweets. Also, if you want to learn a unique style of folk art, join our Dussehra workshops at our art school for kids.

Why celebrate?

The flowers used in Bathukamma are said to have the powers to purify water and reinforce the ponds. Not to mention, it is a celebration of the relationship between humans and earth.


What is the Jammi festival?

The Jammi festival is celebrated on Dussehra in Telangana. Besides, it is a celebration of the Jammi tree.

The tale behind?

According to Mahabharata, the Pandavas had to go for an exile after the Kauravas cheated on them. Right before the expulsion, the Pandavas hid their weapons in a Jammi tree. On returning, they found the weapons safe and sound. Thus, the Pandavas performed a ritual to express their gratitude to Jammi Chettu and the weapons.

Furthermore, Jammi Chettu has become a customary celebration among the people around Telangana. In fact, the ritual revolves around Jammi Puja & Ayudha Puja on Vijayadashami.



What is Mysuru Dasara?

Mysore Dasara is an iconic celebration that takes place for ten consecutive days in Mysore city, Karnataka. The story revolves around the common tale of Maa Chamundeshwari ( Goddess Durga) defeating the demon ‘Mahishasura’.

How do we celebrate?

The Mysuru tradition celebrates their warriors on the auspicious occasion Vijayadashami (10th day). The city worships and displays swords, weapons, ornamented elephants and horses.

The elephants carry Hindu idols across the city. A floating festival takes place at the foot of Chamundi Hills. The temples on top of the hill are surrounded by a procession of chariots. Also, many cultural performances take place in the great Durbar Hall of Maharaja’s Palace.

So, next time you visit any of these places, make sure not to miss the grand occasion of Dussehra.


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